Always considering the causes, we work on the entire agricultural cycle with the help of natural minerals. In this way we have learned to use synergies and strengthen overall processes.

Migulators offer sustainable solutions for metabolic stabilization, pollutant binding and emission reduction. As mineral bioregulators, they can beneficially direct nutrients and are effective in feeding, barn hygiene, manure and soil. All products are approved for organic farming.

The challenge in animal nutrition is to achieve a high quality animal feed that meets the demands for performance, animal welfare and environment as well as favoring an efficient use of nutrients.

Our motto: More animal welfare and benefits with migulators from IPUS

Migulators for compound feed production

We are not just a dealer, but we operate our own mine and take care of high mining standards. The added value from the raw material to the finished product is our responsibility. We combine the know-how in mining of zeolite, its mineralogy, chemistry, processing and application on small and large farms.

Migulators for compound feed production

We are a reliable partner also for tailormade solutions, product development production of compound products, also small batches.


Migulators in cattle farming to improve economic success and support in progressive and environmentally conscious management of animal husbandry. Promotion of feed conversion, better barn climate and positive effects in calf rearing, dairy farming and cattle fattening.


IPUSagro F – feed additive for cattle

For use in dairy cattle, calves and in fattening.

IPUSagro H 800 – bedding for cattle

For effective animal hygiene and improved barn environment; ideal for use in pig pens and calf pens or as a hoof drying bath.

IPUSagro M 220 – health care for udder

Care product that should be applied on inflamed udders and in case of hypercytosis. Free of chemical and pharmaceutical agents.

IPUSagro L 900 manure additive

Combination of migulators and specially cultured microorganisms to dissolve floating layers.


Feed additive and litter products for poultry to bind pollutants, increase performance and for dry manure.

The combination of IPUSagro F feed additive and IPUSagro B 120 and H 800 litter is considered a recognized measure for odor emission in animal husbandry (according to the guideline of the Province of Styria, 2019).

IPUSagro F – feed additive for poultry

Migulators produce positive effects on the environment and profitability in poultry farms.

IPUSagro - litter products for poultry

For effective barn hygiene, less ammonia emissions and as bedding material. The right product for every field of application.


Migulators have positive effects on the environment and profitability in pig farming, both in piglet rearing and in pig fattening and breeding.

IPUSagro F – feed additive for pigs

IPUSagro F has positive effects on the environment and profitability in piglet rearing, as well as in pig fattening and pig breeding. Migulators are approved as feed additives for conventional and organic farming.

IPUSagro H 800 – betting for pigs

For effective animal hygiene and improved stable climate; ideal for use in pig farming and piglet rearing.

IPUSagro L 900 manure additive

Combination of migulators and specially cultured microorganisms to dissolve floating layers.


IPUS Migulators in fish farming as filter material or as feed additive in fish feed for improved feed utilization (higher efficiency in protein utilization), animal health and water quality.

Soil & plants

IPUSagro B is incorporated directly into the soil for effective nutrient utilization, enhancing plant growth and raising crop yields. Any loss and leaching of nutrients into the groundwater ist mainly eliminated. Excessive overload of fertilizers to soil and ground water is avoided through the nitrogen storage capacity of the Migulators. They transform fast-acting mineral nitrogen into slow-acting nitrogen, thereby stabilizing the fertilizer and improving its effectiveness.

IPUSagro B - soil improvement

IPUS Soil Conditioner sustainably ensures the development and maintenance of healthy soil, because only healthy soil is the basis for healthy plants. Application in arable farming, fruit and vegetable growing, as well as substrates.

IPUSagro Quattro - leaf fertilizer

The mineral calcium, silicon and magnesium fertilizers IPUSagro Quattro P 400 and P 500 (with biological phosphorus) cause powerful plant growth in a 100% natural way.

Migulators for biogas plants

IPUSmeth-max B Biogas Migulators

In cooperation with renowned universities and institutes, the IPUS Migulators were developed to increase the biological performance of biogas plants. The IPUS Nanobag analysis is used for the rapid and cost-effective analysis of the fermenter biology.


Products from nature for the preservation of nature. Migulators permanently improve ecosystems in soil and water and provide ecological but also economic benefits.


IPUSagro B is directly incorporated into the soil, and reduces the wash-out of nutrients on the basis of migulators. Soil improvement is therefore directly linked to soil fertility.

Unlike rock flour, migulators act as soil activators and remain permanently in the soil.

Pond care

For natural control of algae in ponds and biotopes.


Depending on the requirements, we develop filter material together with you as an individual problem solution.

Home & Garden

Without fertilization, good growth is usually not possible, but too much fertilization only harms the plants. From nature for nature – according to this principle we have developed mineral products for fertilization and soil improvement of your flowers and plants. Free of chemical additives, our products are based on natural raw materials and their special function is based on our specially developed IPUS Migulator technology.

IPUS products for better plant health, increased root formation and optimal nutrient uptake.

But also animal owners want to have vital and healthy animals. This is why IPUS has been developing migulators for animals for over 20 years. Migulators are natural, mineral bioregulators based on the high-quality volcanic mineral clinoptilolite zeolite. Migulators are used in various areas and act in sophisticated combinations in the organism, as bedding against moisture and odors – whether in horse stables or a cat litter box as well as a caring and regenerating joint balm.


Garden products


The ongoing development of new results and possibilities through our research allows for possibilities that have a surprising effect. As a result of many years of partnerships with science and industry, our understanding has remained in dealing with mineral bioregulators and their suitability for different requirements. Together with our customers, we develop special approaches for medium and long-term cooperations. Targeted solutions for a wide range of applications in the industry from IPUS.

We offer you high quality raw materials, in different grain sizes from our own deposits and will be pleased to advise you about the application possibilities of

  • Clinoptilolite – Zeolite
  • Calcite
  • Dolomite

Building materials

We not only supply you with mineral raw materials, but are also a competent partner for the development of solutions for the areas

  • pigments and paints
  • fillers in packaging plastics
  • filler in pulp and paper products
  • additive for plastering, knifing filler and special construction materialsAdditiv für Putze, Spachtelmassen und Spezialbaustoffe

The properties and possible uses of clinoptilolite are versatile. We enjoy to support you.

Biogas plants / Waste digestion plants

Biological waste is not so easy in fermentation. Depending on the starting material and bacteria, many things happen at the same time, all of which affect each other. If the process is disturbed, the efficiency of the biogas plant decreases. The challenges for the operators of biogas plants are manifold. The chemicals and gases in plants can be stabilized as additives using special migulators. So biogas burns better and brings more returns.

New challenges call for specially developed IPUS solutions for biogas.