Without fertilization, good growth is usually not possible, but too much fertilization only harms the plants. From nature for nature – according to this principle we have developed mineral products for fertilization and soil improvement of your flowers and plants. Free of chemical additives, our products are based on natural raw materials and their special function is based on our specially developed IPUS Migulator technology.

IPUS products for better plant health, increased root formation and optimal nutrient uptake.

But also animal owners want to have vital and healthy animals. This is why IPUS has been developing migulators for animals for over 20 years. Migulators are natural, mineral bioregulators based on the high-quality volcanic mineral clinoptilolite zeolite. Migulators are used in various areas and act in sophisticated combinations in the organism, as bedding against moisture and odors – whether in horse stables or a cat litter box as well as a caring and regenerating joint balm.


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