IPUS Mineral- &
Umwelttechnologie GmbH
Werksgasse 281
8786 Rottenmann, Styria

Opening hours:
Mon-Thu: 07:00–16:00
Fri: 07:00–12:00
Sat-Sun: closed

Become an IPUS sales partner

Like our customers, we think ahead. Our expectations are to identify, understand and exceed their needs. No matter what you are looking for.

We process our customers’ orders within 12 hours. Our distributors provide advice and support for all your needs. Your input allows us to continually improve our products. When selecting products, we always take your profitability into consideration. Farmers of the local market let us constantly check current conditions and benefits of products.

Our production team constantly ensures that all trading partners are supplied on time. Listening and understanding. As IPUS, we work in a continuous cycle.

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Mineralische Rohstoffkompetenz aus einer Hand. Know-how entlang der gesamten Wertschöpfungskette.
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