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Migulators® are based on the crystallization of a highly porous and unique mineral from the combination of volcanic ash with primeval ocean water. Under special conditions, there is a chance that the mineral will store high-quality nutrients while being free of unwanted pollutants. – which is why deposits, even of the same mineral, are as individual as students in a class. Minerals with the same name but different origins require careful examination with regard to their suitability for different applications! Amongst other variations, they exhibit siginifcant differences in terms of chemical composition, proportion of impurities or nutrients, physical properties.

What are migulators?

Migulators are highly porous tectosilicates of volcanic origin with high cation exchange capacity. They are suitable for special activations to develop additional capabilities for their application in agriculture and industry. Their proportions of micropores and mesopores are uniquely high by European standards, enabling effective use in a variety of applications. The huge inner surface of the porous mineral serves as a platform for biochemical reactions.

Depending on the needs, migulators can:

Prozesse puffern oder verstärken

buffer or amplify processes

Prozesse puffern oder verstärken

colonise microorganisms
in a target-oriented way

Zielgerichtet nützliche Mikroorganismen ansiedeln
release trace elements
and nutrients on demand
adsorb harmful substances
like a sponge

Why do migulators work?

Because they were made that way by nature. To regulate biological processes, migulators absorb excess metabolites and pollutants. In return, they release their naturally stored nutrients, which are part of the regulatory process as a finely tuned mix of calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium. Each of these elements affects the extent and rate of adsorption differently. Therefore, their composition has a significant impact in the application.

Why are migulators so special?


Only one  single mineral deposit provides the right composition for migrators. The uptake and release of substances takes place through chemical processes such as cation exchange and adsorption. The effectiveness of binding is therefore determined by the cation exchange capacities (CEC), porosity and other parameters.

Mining: Mineral from surface excavation

The idea for migulators arose in 2004 from new findings on the surface structure of volcanic tuffs. Decades of experience in mining and processing natural minerals such as calcite and dolomite were the basis. But not all minerals are the same. Each mining site is different, and each stone in the mine is different. A good raw material has no decisive characteristic value. It has dozens. Effective extraction takes geoengineering knowledge into account to plan excavations in advance and guarantee supply security for decades.

Visual appearance: mineral purity

An important mineral characteristic is its purity: no dioxins, no contaminations, and above all: no heavy metals, so that the binding capacity for these pollutants is maintained. It took many years of sampling and analysis to find the raw material with the highest purity. If you know what you are looking for, you can recognize impurities by their color. For the highest possible purity, we look out for the light green sheen.

Quality: Three rules of purity

Selective mining. No contaminations. Short transport routes. These are our three rules to ensure excellent mineral production. The raw materialy easily absorbs unwanted pollutants. To prevent them from absorbing explosive gases, we extract the mineral by mechanical mining and process it in a multi-stage disintegration process. Everything we mine is ubject to immediate quality controls. We only take what we can process. Due to the just-in-time mining in the close vicinity of the processing plant we avoid sources of contamination such as unprotected storage and road transport: the raw material remains pure.

Processing: High-Tech. Made by Nature

Making migulators requires many steps. Production is carried out to high standards. Continuous feed quality and activation in the grinding process are therefore a matter of course for us. To obtain a material that is easy to use, it passes through multi-stage processing steps using special machinery in which specific forces are applied to the mineral until the correct surface activation and particle fineness are achieved. The results are end products with defined particle size distributions, such as micronized powders, our mineral bioregulators.

Long-term cooperation with our customers and research partners provides the basis for assured effects and reliable applications in practice. The results are validated in practical application tests conducted by research institutes.


Migulators are scientifically tested and proven in practice. A large number of our customers’ experiences confirm the economic and ecological advantages in applications under various practical conditions. We will be happy to send you results of studies and field tests by mail on request.


Without research, there’s no further development. Since the first experiences with zeolite-clinoptilolite in the field of water purification, long before the first products were distributed, we wanted to learn more about the special properties of zeolite.

For IPUS, it is particularly essential to know how minerals can best increase the efficiency of biological processes.

We have started to research, relying on scientific findings. Effects were identified, researched in detail and from this we developed our products. Characteristics and capabilities of migulators are researched in cooperation of our in-house company laboratory with partner institutes.

IPUS is providing the highest possible product qualities; our company is ISO certified along the ISO standard 9001:2015. We are also certified by the quality management system QS for animal feed and deliver in GMP+. Our feed additive is fully approved for organic farming and listed by Fibl Germany, Bio Austria and OMRI.

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