Combination of migulators and specially cultured microorganisms to dissolve floating layers.

Fields of application

As a slurry additive, the combination of migrators and specially bred microorganisms enables rapid dissolution of floating layers and blockages in the alluvial channel and results in a less odorous slurry. The homogeneity of the slurry is increased and the slurry becomes better pumpable.

IPUS migulators produce a farm fertilizer with more plant-compatible nutrients. There are less ammonia emissions and unpleasant odors are permanently bound.

Effects & benefits

➔ very good nitrogen and odor binding properties
➔ enhancement of good bacteria growth
➔ less ammonia emissions
➔ better flowability of the slurry
➔ reduction of nitrogen leaching

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Further information

➔ Set based on 25 kg paper bag and 1 gallon of  microorganisms

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Customer feedback

"Since we started feeding IPUSagro F, we no longer have problems with floating layers. The neighbors also no longer complain when about odor, we have much less ammonia odor around our farm."

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