In cooperation with renowned universities and institutes, the IPUS Migulators were developed to increase the biological performance of biogas plants. The IPUS Nanobag analysis is used for the rapid and cost-effective analysis of the fermenter biology.

Fields of application

IPUSmeth-max® migulators are optimally adapted to the respective plant type (Nawaro, cofermentation, biowaste plants).
IPUSmeth-max® optimizes the fermentation process by comprehensively improving the habitat of all relevant bacteria.
IPUSmeth-max® preferentially adsorbs the nutrients potassium and ammonium and releases them so slowly that they can be incorporated into the soil structure by the soil microorganisms without damage. It thus has a particularly positive effect on the digestate as a valuable fertilizer. Read more about this here.
Particularly suitable substrate
➔ Slaughterhouse waste
➔ Food waste
➔ Poultry manure
➔ Grass silage
➔ Grain
Methanogenic bacteria on migulator particles (TU Graz).


➔ Establishment of an active process biology
➔ Buffering of ammonia
➔ Long-term stable performance on high level
➔ High-grade digestate

Effects on microorganisms in the fermenter

➔ More surface area for colonizing microorganisms. The very large surface area up to 80,000 m2 per m3 of digester volume enables a larger bacterial population for faster and more complete digestion.
➔ Protection function for microorganisms. The migulators biofilm protects from inhibition caused by ammonia, free fatty acids, hydrogen sulphide and antibiotics.
➔ Improved nutrient supply. The trace elements embedded in the migulator save them for the microorganisms.
➔ Sustaninability – higher quality digestate. No additional load of  heavy metals in the digestate, no ammonia emissions, therefore, no loss of nutrients. Soil improvement by increase of water retention capacity, cation exchange capacity and higher bioavailability of nutrients = Improvement of soil fertility.
➔ IPUSmeth-max B
➔ IPUS Nanobag Schnellanalyse

Further information

➔ 1000 kg palletts (25 kg paper bags)
➔ 1000 kg big bag

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