IPUSagro H 800 – betting for pigs

For effective animal hygiene and improved stable climate; ideal for use in pig farming and piglet rearing.


IPUSagro H 800
➔ optimized for the manual application in pig housings

IPUSagro dry&clean
➔ fragrant flavor-litter amended with natural essential oils. Very popular for piglet nest-litter and on every place where strong odor is present, and at respiratory irritations, respectively.

Wirkung & Nutzen

IPUSagro H 800 has proven itself as bedding material in slatted floors, but also in housings with straw, it raise the durability of the entire bedding due to better water binding and humidity adsorption potential.

Practical experience also shows an improvement in the social behavior of piglets, when animals are kept on full or partial slats, and less inclination to aggression by migulator feeding and bedding.

➔ No more nuisance to residents due to less odors escaping from the barn
➔ Less oxidative stress for the animals
➔ Up to one third reduction of ammonia emissions into the environment (scientifically proven)

➔ Reduction of harmful microorganisms
➔ Less fly larvae and less fungal attack
➔ Improved manure quality
➔ Excellent binding of nitrogen- and odour
➔ Liquefaction of manure

Further information

➔ 1000 kg pallet (25 kg paper bags)
➔ 1000 kg big bag

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Thats what our customers say

“We have been using the IPUS products throughout the farm for a long time, including with the piglets. We have more stability in the fattening barn and we recognize that health and animal welfare have improved. The liquid manure has also changed, especially the good ammonia binding is appreciable. "

Family Rumpf, herd breeding farm

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