The ongoing development of new results and possibilities through our research allows for possibilities that have a surprising effect. As a result of many years of partnerships with science and industry, our understanding has remained in dealing with mineral bioregulators and their suitability for different requirements. Together with our customers, we develop special approaches for medium and long-term cooperations. Targeted solutions for a wide range of applications in the industry from IPUS.

We offer you high quality raw materials, in different grain sizes from our own deposits and will be pleased to advise you about the application possibilities of

  • Clinoptilolite – Zeolite
  • Calcite
  • Dolomite

Building materials

We not only supply you with mineral raw materials, but are also a competent partner for the development of solutions for the areas

  • pigments and paints
  • fillers in packaging plastics
  • filler in pulp and paper products
  • additive for plastering, knifing filler and special construction materialsAdditiv für Putze, Spachtelmassen und Spezialbaustoffe

The properties and possible uses of clinoptilolite are versatile. We enjoy to support you.

Biogas plants / Waste digestion plants

Biological waste is not so easy in fermentation. Depending on the starting material and bacteria, many things happen at the same time, all of which affect each other. If the process is disturbed, the efficiency of the biogas plant decreases. The challenges for the operators of biogas plants are manifold. The chemicals and gases in plants can be stabilized as additives using special migulators. So biogas burns better and brings more returns.

New challenges call for specially developed IPUS solutions for biogas.