IPUSagro H 800 – bedding for cattle

For effective animal hygiene and improved barn environment; ideal for use in pig pens and calf pens or as a hoof drying bath.


Migulators have the valuable property of binding ammonia and ammonium. This reduces the animals’ exposure to bad barn air. The effects of IPUSagro H 800 bedding are the high absorbency, slip resistance and subsequently also a slight germ-inhibiting effect due to the high adsorption capacity. This can also prevent claw infections.

When our migulators are spread on fields together with the stored ammonia and ammonium in liquid manure, there is no risk of nitrogen compounds volatilizing in the air or entering the groundwater. On the contrary, they are at disposal to soil microorganisms and plants as a source of nitrogen. The advantages are less odor, less nutrient loss and less groundwater pollution.

Effects & benefits

Active binding of odorous substances in and around the stable.
➔ less oxidative stress for the animals
➔ up to 40% less ammonia emissions
➔ reduction of harmful microorganisms due to drainage
➔ fewer fly larvae and fungal infestations
➔ supports hoof health
➔ supports healing of superficial injuries
➔ improved manure quality
➔ very good nitrogen and odor binding properties
➔ manure liquefaction

Further information

➔ 1000 kg pallet (25 kg paper bags)
➔ 1000 kg big bag

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Customer feedback

"With the IPUS products used throughout the farm, we have been able to permanently reduce the cell count, the milk yield is higher than ever before and we no longer have an issue with Mortellaro. We can no longer imagine our farm without IPUS, we have found something that works in the entire cycle, from feed additives to slurry."

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