IPUSagro – litter products for poultry

For effective barn hygiene, less ammonia emissions and as bedding material. The right product for every field of application.

IPUSagro H 800 - Fine litter

For effective animal hygiene and improved barn climate; IPUSagro H 800 applied over the whole surface as bedding for laying hens and broilers, in case of high humidity, wet feces and high emission levels.

The fine grinding degree of IPUSagro H 800 can reduce moisture and bind ammonia emissions. This reduces the animals’ exposure to bad barn air. If the migulators are spread on the fields together with the stored ammonia and ammonium with the slurry, there is no risk of these nitrogen compounds volatilizing in the air or entering the groundwater. On the contrary, they are available to soil microorganisms and plants as a source of nitrogen according to demand. The consequences are less odor, less nutrient loss and less groundwater pollution.

IPUSagro B 120 - beeding material

The coarse texture of the litter encourages the chickens to peck and scratch for grains, keeping them busy and calmer. It serves the natural occupation of the chickens.

We recommend IPUSagro B 120 in case of stress and high aggression potential of the flock.

IPUSagro V 100 - natural product against the red bird mite and ectoparasites

IPUSagro V 100 is used as a litter additive against red bird mites. Those parasites attack the sleeping hens in the dark and suck their blood. They weaken the animals and bring unrest to the flock.

IPUSagro V 100 is spread dry on all surfaces or applied as a sand bath.

➔ natural, no overdosing possible
➔ desinfectant effect

Further information

➔ 1000 kg pallet (25 kg paper bags)
➔ 1000 kg big bag

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Customer feedback

"With IPUSagro V 100, we've had good control of mite infestations. It's also biodegradable and there's much less of ammonia odor."

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