The mineral calcium, silicon and magnesium fertilizers IPUSagro Quattro P 400 and P 500 (with biological phosphorus) cause powerful plant growth in a 100% natural way.


The bioregulatory effect ensures that exactly as much nutrients are released as the plant needs actually. The mineral foliar fertilizer is applied directly to the plant leaves both providently and as needed to compensate for nutrient deficiencies in certain stages of plant growth.

Our 100% natural mineral foliar fertilizers are very economical to use and can be mixed and applied with commercially available plant protectants, and all nitrogen and potassium fertilizers.

➔ IPUSagro Quattro P 400

➔ IPUSagro Quattro P 500 – with bioavailable rock phosphate

Effects & Benefits

➔ Increase of yield and quality
➔ Higher stress resistance against heat and drought
➔ Increased resistence against herbivores and fungi
➔ Improved resistance against lodging
➔ longer storage life, therefore better transportability
➔ Saving of chemical fertilizer, fungicides and herbicides
➔ Approved for organic farming
➔ no death of bees

Further information

➔ 8 or 10 kg bins (resealable)

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